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CUSTOM Vinyl Decal

CUSTOM Vinyl Decal

One color, up to 11.5" x 11.5". 

+$5 for each additional color/layer.


1. Clean surface well.
2. Wipe area with alcohol.
3. Allow area to completely dry.
4. Carefully peel backing off of decal.
5. Apply decal to surface in desired positioned.
 ***You will not be able to move it once you place it. Place it carefully!**
6. Burnish decal to the surface by using credit card to rub over the transfer sheet to adhere decal to smooth/solid object.
7. Slowly begin to peel transfer sheet diagonally, making sure no parts of the image lift away from glass as you're peeling.
*If a part of the image begins to lift away, lay the transfer sheet back down and burnish again*
8. Once the transfer sheet is removed, using your finger, gently press down all over the image to ensure it is adhered to your surface.
9. Image should stay in place until you remove it by peeling it away or using a razor blade to remove it. 
*You will not be able to reuse this image once removed.*


Do to the nature of handmade items, some minor variations or imperfections can occur and are unavoidable. I make every effort possible to make sure your item is acceptable before presenting it to you. The beauty of these handmade items is that no two are identical! Thank you for supporting my small business!