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Aorta Badge Reel

Aorta Badge Reel

Resin designs are attached to the reels with Dual Lock Fastener. They are interchangeable in case you want to switch out your design from time to time or if you need to replace your reel. Retractable reels are designed to last for 1000 pulls. New blank reels with attached Dual Lock Fastener can be purchased for $2. To clean the Dual Lock Fastener, wipe it down with saniwipe and allow to air dry before reattaching resin design. Dual Lock is a very secure fastener and will hold tight. Be careful not to drop your resin design. Although they are relatively strong, it is possible that it could crack or break if dropped or stepped on, etc.

Do to the nature of handmade items, some minor variations can occur and are unavoidable. I make every effort possible to make sure your item is acceptable before presenting it to you. The beauty of these handmade items is that no two are identical! Thank you for supporting my small business!

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